• Car insurance

    • Is a registration code mandatory when taking out car insurance?

      Yes, a registration code is mandatory when taking out car insurance. This is the number that belongs to the combination of the vehicle and the engine in it. You can find this code on the vehicle registration certificate part 1B.

    • Can I suspend my car insurance if I don't use my car?

      Yes, this is possible. You can temporarily suspend your car insurance if you don't use your car, for example, in the winter. You then do not pay a premium, but you keep your accumulated claim-free years.

    • Can I use my foreign driving license in the Netherlands?

      If you live in the Netherlands, you can use your foreign driving license for a maximum of 185 days after establishing residency in the Netherlands. After this period, you must have a Dutch driving license.

    • What is my excess in car insurance?

      The excess in car insurance differs per insurer and can range from €0 to several hundred euros. Often the rule applies: the higher the excess, the lower the premium.

    • Does my car insurance cover damage caused by vandalism?

      If you have limited or fully comprehensive insurance, damage caused by vandalism is often covered. This is not covered by third-party liability insurance.

  • Home contents insurance:

    • Am I automatically insured for theft if I have home contents insurance?

      Not always. It is important to check the terms and conditions of your home contents insurance to see what is and is not covered in case of theft. Often there must be signs of forced entry before the insurance pays out.

    • Am I also insured for damage to rented or borrowed items?

      Some home contents insurances also cover damage to rented or borrowed items. However, this is not the case with all insurers, so it is wise to check the terms and conditions carefully.

    • Is water damage always covered by my home contents insurance?

      No, water damage is not always covered. This depends on the cause of the water damage and the terms and conditions of your home contents insurance. Often, damage caused by, for example, flooding or groundwater is not covered.

    • Can I insure my bike with my home contents insurance?

      Some insurers offer the option to insure your bike with your home contents insurance. However, it is wise to check if your bike is not already covered by another insurance, such as a separate bike insurance.

  • Health insurance

    • What is the difference between the excess and the personal contribution?

      The excess is the amount you must pay yourself before your insurer starts reimbursing healthcare costs. The personal contribution is a portion of the healthcare costs that you must pay yourself, even after the excess has been paid.

    • Can I pay my excess in installments?

      Yes, you can pay your excess in installments over the year with most health insurers. This can help reduce the financial burden of high healthcare costs.

    • Can I switch health insurers during the year?

      No, you can only switch health insurers during the annual switch period, which runs from mid-November to December 31. Unless, for example, you turn 18, separate from your partner, or move abroad.

    • Will I be fully reimbursed for all costs with a non-contracted healthcare provider?

      No, with a non-contracted healthcare provider, you may incur higher costs, and sometimes a personal contribution may also apply. Therefore, always check your policy terms or ask your health insurer for more information.

    • What is a nature policy?

      A nature policy is a type of health insurance where you only receive full reimbursement for care