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European Insurance helps people during a move both nationally and internationally with insurance and mortgages.

Most rental agreements have mandatory insurance. If you buy a house, the lender usually requires home insurance. If you go abroad for a long time for work, study, voluntary work, an internship or backpacking, there are quite a few risks involved. In the United States, healthcare costs are much higher or Germany has a real claims culture.

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We work with different partners so that we can always give the best advice. De Goudse Verzekeringen is a shareholder.
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“Quick and easy set up insurances for my new property”

- N. Papagiannakis,

“Very helpfull household content everything in English”

- GR Riboldi, Foot Locker

“Take several minutes to set up the insurances”

- Karan Jain, Uber

About European Insurance

European Insurance is an expat consulting intermediary. We began our operations a few years ago and have grown rapidly due to the excellent working relationship we have with our clients. We started out small, with just a few people and a small office with high-quality service.

Every year we help thousands of customers with insurance and mortgages during a move. We often work with partners who use our platform to arrange everything for their customers.

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