supplementary winter sports insurance

January 12, 2024 foto.png

Are you going on a winter sports vacation? It's good to know that winter sports coverage is not always included as a standard feature in your annual travel insurance. It's advisable to check your policy for this before departure.


What is included in an additional winter sports insurance?

Good to know is that the basic coverage of a travel insurance does not cover higher risk activities, but only the common travel related damages. That means that when you go on a winter sports trip, in most cases, you will need additional winter sports coverage.


Below are the things that are generally insured with winter sports insurance. Note that this may vary from one insurer to another.


  • Own sports equipment, such as skis, snowboard and clothing.
  • Rented sports equipment.
  •  Assistance, for example when you have to be picked up by a helicopter.
  • Repatriation to the Netherlands.
  • Medical costs not covered by the health insurance.
  • If you have to cancel your winter sports vacation, the remaining costs for accommodation, ski lessons, equipment rental and ski pass, among other things.



Is only health insurance not enough for winter sports?

With a normal travel insurance you are covered worldwide for urgent medical care, only these costs are reimbursed up to a maximum rate what you would pay in the Netherlands.


The costs made abroad can be much higher, this difference you would have to pay yourself. With winter sports insurance that covers medical expenses you will get full reimbursement. You can also choose to supplement your health insurance with extra coverage abroad, in which case the costs are also fully covered.


Are children insured on winter sports insurance?

With family travel insurance for winter sports, your minor children are automatically covered, but it is important to remember that you do have to register them with certain insurers. As for health insurance, minor children are automatically co-insured on one parent's policy, including any additional coverage. It is wise to add them to the policy of the parent with the most comprehensive insurance.



Good to know is that some insurers do include winter sports coverage as a standard part of your travel insurance, such as de Goudse. Always check your policy before you go on vacation!