Is your car ready for winter sports?

January 22, 2024 foto.png

The winter sports season is approaching, which means the mountains are calling us again for adventures in the snow. But before you load up your skis or snowboard and head to the mountains, it's crucial to ask yourself, "Is my car ready for winter sports?" This blog will guide you through the essential steps to ensure you are well-prepared for your winter journey.


Winter tires

The foundation of a winter-ready vehicle begins with winter tires. These specially designed tires provide improved grip on snowy or icy roads, which is essential for your safety.


In the Netherlands, it is not mandatory to use winter tires, but it is advisable in winter conditions. In many other countries, it is even required to drive on winter tires. Therefore, always check in advance the rules in the country you are traveling to. Are winter tires mandatory? During which period are they required? And what should be the minimum tread depth of my tires?



Are snow chains mandatory?

Signs indicate where it is mandatory to use snow chains, often in winter sports areas. This is a round blue sign with a white band depicting snow chains. When driving with snow chains, the maximum speed is 50 km/h.


If you are involved in an accident and do not have snow chains on the correct tires where it is mandatory, you could be held liable by the other party. This is in addition to a fine that can amount to up to €5,000 for not using snow chains.



Breakdowns abroad

Ensure that your car is well-insured when going on vacation. Consider, for example, breakdown assistance abroad so that you don't have to worry when you encounter car trouble in an unfamiliar country.


In the event of a breakdown abroad, Voogd&Voogd, the insures company we work with, also covers emergency repairs, sending parts, and transportation back to the Netherlands. You can choose between 4 or 30 days of replacement transportation.



Tips to prepare your car for winter sports:

  • Lubricate the rubber edges between the doors with a special stick or talcum powder to prevent them from freezing shut.
  • Replace the windshield washer fluid with an antifreeze variant.
  • Bring a special blanket for the windshield and a defroster.
  • Check the condition of your battery.
  • Check your engine oil and have it replaced with the appropriate type if necessary.