Insuring your electric bike

February 2, 2024 foto.png

Cycling is no longer just a means of transportation; it has become a lifestyle. With the rise of electric bikes, people have discovered a fast and environmentally friendly way to navigate through cities. At European Insurance, we understand the value of your electric bike and why insuring it is crucial. Explore in this blog why it is wise to insure your e-bike and the benefits it brings.



Protection against theft

One of the biggest concerns for bike owners is theft, especially when it comes to valuable electric bikes. Our bike insurance provides comprehensive coverage against theft, allowing you to park your bike with peace of mind. Please note that you are not insured against theft if your bike was not locked with an ART-approved lock (minimum 2 stars).


Coverage for damage

Whether it's an unfortunate fall or a collision with another vehicle, damage to your electric bike can incur significant costs. With our insurance, you are covered for repair costs, saving you from bearing unexpected expenses. Enjoy worry-free cycling, knowing that we are ready to repair any damage.


Compensation for accidents

Accidents can happen, and even with bike accidents, medical costs can quickly add up. Our bike insurance not only covers damage to your bike but also provides compensation if you become wholly or partially disabled or pass away due to a cycling accident. Your well-being is our priority, and we ensure you are in good hands.


Worldwide coverage

Whether you're cycling through the streets of Amsterdam or embarking on adventurous trips in the mountains of Switzerland, our bike insurance offers worldwide coverage. So, whether you're taking local bike rides or crossing borders, you don't have to worry about the validity of your insurance. Note that coverage for legal aid and breakdown assistance is not valid in every country.


Attractive premiums and discounts

At European Insurance, we strive to make insurance accessible to everyone. Our bike insurance not only provides comprehensive coverage but also offers attractive premiums as we always find the right insurance for you.




In conclusion; insuring your electric bike is a wise decision. At European Insurance, we understand the unique needs of cyclists and offer a bike insurance tailored to your lifestyle. Protect yourself from unexpected events and enjoy your ride worry-free. Choose peace of mind, choose European Insurance.