How and where should I best lock my bike?

February 9, 2024 foto.png

Cycling is not only a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation but also requires careful attention to security. Especially in a world where theft is unfortunately commonplace. As a proud bike owner, you naturally want to do everything possible to prevent your beloved two-wheeler from falling into the wrong hands. Here are some useful tips to ensure that your bike stays safe and sound.


Choose a secure location

It all starts with the location where you park your bike. Always opt for well-lit and busy areas. Theft significantly decreases when your bike is parked in a place where many people are present, and thieves have less chance of going unnoticed.


Invest in a quality bike lock with ART certification

One of the most effective ways to prevent theft is by investing in a high-quality bike lock. Almost all insurers do not reimburse stolen bikes if you have not used a bike lock with an ART certification.

Make sure the lock has at least 2 stars to qualify for reimbursement.


Under lock and key

Apart from the fact that your bike is not insured against theft if you do not use a proper ART-certified lock, you also need to ensure that your bike is stored in a locked shed at home. If your bike is in the shed or inside your house, it is covered by your contents insurance.


Attach your bike to a fixed object

A clever thief may try to lift the bike, along with the lock, if it is not attached to a fixed object. Therefore, always make sure to secure your bike to a sturdy, fixed object, preferably using designated bike racks.



In conclusion; be vigilant against bike theft! Protect your bike and finances by purchasing bike insurance. Opt for peace of mind and invest in a quality lock, and pay attention to where you can safely place your bike.