What to do in case of ski theft and how to prevent it

January 5, 2024 foto.png

Are you going on a ski trip soon? Then watch your belongings carefully. Nothing can spoil your vacation like discovering that your skis or snowboard have disappeared without a trace. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent this yourself, and steps you can take if it does happen to you.


What you can do yourself:

In addition to having good insurance, it is helpful to do as much as possible yourself to be able to prevent theft. Here are some useful tips to make life more difficult for thieves.


  • Leave valuables at home
  • Put your belongings as much as possible in sight
  • If you're not alone on vacation, swap 1 ski with your family/friends so that you put away a pair of uneven skis when you take a break. This makes your skis less attractive to thieves
  • You can put a lock through the bindings of your skis and secure them. This will at least keep the occasional thieves away
  • If no lockers are available at your accommodation, put your skis or snowboard inside at night. For example, in the bathtub or shower while they are still wet



What to do in case of ski theft:

If your belongings are still stolen, report it immediately. This is important not only for your travel insurance but also if you have rented equipment.


  •  Report it to the police
  •   Ask the police for a report form and keep it safe
  • Contact your insurance company and have your policy number ready
  • When you return home, send the report form and the receipt for your equipment to your insurance company



Insurance for the theft of your ski equipment:

Your ski equipment is in most cases not covered by your travel insurance. For this you need an additional winter sports insurance with the travel insurance. So always check that you are properly insured before you go.



More information about additional winter sports insurance you can read in our other blog.